Salient Features

Name of fund

Atrium REIT

Fund category

Real Estate

Fund type

Growth and income

Investment objectives

To maximise income in order to reward unitholders with annual stable distributions of income and to acquire quality assets to achieve longterm growth in the Net Asset Value per unit of the Fund

Fund investment strategy

Aim to achieve the primary objectives of the Fund by implementing investment and growth strategies such as organic growth strategies, acquisition strategies and financing strategies

Term of the Trust

Atrium REIT will continue its operation until such time as determined by the Trustee and the Manager as provided under the provision of Clause 19 of the Second Restated Deed dated 17 December 2019.

Authorised investments

Invest in real estate, non-real estate-related assets and cash, deposit and money market instruments. At least 75% of Atrium REIT’s total assets must be invested in real estate that generates recurrent rental income at all times.

Distribution policy

At least 90% of the distributable income of Atrium REIT shall be distributed semi-annually or at such other intervals as determined by the Manager in its absolute discretion; in arrears.

Revaluation policy

The properties will be revalued annually pursuant to Malaysian Financial Reporting Standard 140 and Clause 10.02(b)(i) of the Securities Commission Malaysia’s Guidelines on Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Minimum additional investments

Multiples of 100 units


Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

Size of Fund

266,550,680 units

Financial year end

31 December

Borrowing limitations

Up to 50% of the total asset value of the Fund at the time the borrowing is incurred.

Redemption policy

Unitholders have no right to request the Fund to repurchase their units while the units are listed

Minimum initial investment

Minimum of 100 units

Investor profile

Suitable for investors who understand the risks related to the real estate industry and expect to benefit from the periodic distribution of income and long-term growth of the Fund

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